There is a really big problem that our world is facing, and most people don’t even recognize it. Tap water contaminants. You may believe that because you live in a first-world country, and you have indoor plumbing, that clean, safe, non-toxic drinking water is not a concern for you because you have it at the twist of the tap. But you’d be wrong… Maybe you think that because your pipes aren’t rusty and your water comes out clear that you don’t have a problem. You would also be wrong. Perhaps you have a Brita or other kind of gravity feed filter and you think that your water is acceptable for drinking. Maybe you have already looked into problems with drinking water and you put a reverse osmosis system on your house, or maybe you filter all of your water through a Berkey. Well, rest assured we will tackle all of these topics in this blog, along with the common misconception that bottled water is safer and cleaner than tap water. I do hope that you’ll poke around for a bit and find value in this blog. I assure you that this is a topic which should concern us all.

In 2017, an Environmental Watchdog known as the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a database of all the known contaminants in US drinking water. After compiling data from 50,000 public water utilities across the country from 2010 to 2015, the group found 267 chemicals that they considered concerning to human health. The various reasons for the chemicals being flagged are generally because they cause cancer, or because they are disruptive to the nervous system in some way that could lead to long-term health effects. Two of the most prevalent and concerning chemicals they found were arsenic and hexavalent chromium. Both were found in the water in all 50 US states, though they appear especially often in California groundwater. They’re also well known to cause cancer.

Over a 2 year period from 2015 to 2017, the EWG found arsenic in the tap water of 107 million Americans. In California alone, it was found in the taps of more than 26 million people. In Texas, more than 17 million people had arsenic in their tap water. In Florida, more than 11 million people. Drinking arsenic!

Since arsenic occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust, it tends to pollute groundwater as opposed to surface water. With the level of drought in California’s Central Valley, excessive groundwater pumping has led toxic levels of arsenic in local water supplies. A 2018 study tested wells in the San Joaquin Valley and found that around 10% had dangerous levels of arsenic over the previous 10 years. And that’s in the Central Valley’s number one agricultural hotspot!

Arsenic has no smell, color, or taste, so it’s nearly impossible to identify without a test. It has been directly tied to brain-development issues in children, including slower motor function, diminished memory, and decreased IQs. It can also contribute to birth defects and an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and even diabetes.

Much like arsenic, hexavalent chromium is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, plants, and soil. It was actually the subject of the lawsuit filed by water advocate Erin Brockovich, who discovered it in the groundwater in southern California, in the town of Hinkley. The chemical was being used to prevent corrosion at the nearby Pacific Gas & Electric plant and the runoff caused an issue for local residents that has persisted for a number of years.

From 2012 to 2017, the EWG found hexavalent chromium in the tap water of more than 247 million Americans, in every state in the US! The chemical is easier to spot than arsenic, since it can turn clear water yellow. It is known to cause kidney and liver damage, as well as different forms of cancer. There’s a misconception that hexavalent chromium is solely an industrial pollutant, but if you’ll remember earlier I mentioned that it can be found in rocks, plants, and soil. Ultimately, if a water system relies on groundwater, there’s a good chance that hexavalent chromium could be present. Many people try to get around this with bottled water, but in most cases bottled water has been found to be no better than tap water.

On top of that, a 2018 study tested 11 widely available bottled water products from 9 countries, concluding that 93% of the 259 bottles sampled contained microplastics. This contamination was due in part to packaging and the bottling process itself.

So, why am I telling you all this?

Well, it’s hardly my intention to cause fear. God knows we have enough of that in the world today, but I do want to help you protect yourself and your family. You see, in my career as a Neuro-muscular Therapist, I have seen a number of cases where individuals were diagnosed with something “like” Multiple Sclerosis or some other demyelinating nerve condition, and then left in limbo so to speak.

The individual goes to the doctor, and the doctor in the best interest of the individual, tells them that some of their signs and symptoms fit a specific diagnosis, but not all of them do. this is a very frustrating place to be. I dealt with a similar situation in my own life. Now, this blog is not about touting miracle cures and snake oil. There’s plenty of that on the internet already. That being said, I am an Affiliate Marketer for several companies in the Health & Wellness niche’. If I have had an experience with a product and I choose to promote it, if it actually makes the cut and I become an Affiliate, it is because I am very impressed and they passed a stringent criteria of prerequisites. I built my business around legitimate companies that have affiliate programs. Companies with ratings, physical offices, return policies, and customer service departments where you can speak to a real person. I mention this because it needs to be mentioned in this day and age. Reputable companies are hard to come by.

I may share testimonies from time to time from myself or others, but I want to be clear that nothing contained in this blog should be taken as Medical Advice. My purpose here is purely to educate others. What each individual chooses to do with the information that is provided is up to them. Over the last seven years, aside from a handful of supplements that I have mentioned which I earn no commission on whatsoever, I have recommended three things for clients that I have consulted.

Electrolyzed-Reduced Water containing Molecular Hydrogen and Platinum Nanoparticles, Functional Neuro-muscular Stimulation, and Medical Cannabis.

(The above hyperlinks are not affiliate links, they link to third-party information about each topic.)


I began to identify patterns and commonalities that all lead back to a select few core principles of health.

  1. The nervous system is the master controller of the body.
  2. Stress of any kind will present with a physical manifestation in the body via the nervous system.
  3. The three main areas of stress and anxiety for an individual are physical, mental/spiritual, and financial.
  4. Oxidative stress and inflammation are at the root of every degenerative human condition.
  5. The human body was designed to be self-healing and self-regulating.


If we are to create an environment of homeostasis within the body, that is an environment of harmony and balance which allows the body to come into a place of rest and recovery, then there are a few basic principles that must be addressed. 

  1. Water – Water is the medium for all of the body’s processes and the body is comprised of mostly water.
  2. Voltage – The body is electric and healing is voltage. Electrons are the body’s power source and your drinking water should be negatively charged.
  3. Detoxification – You must deal with any toxins that can damage your cells. These include heavy metals like aluminum which is neurotoxic and builds up in the brain, halogens and halides like chlorine and fluoride which compete for iodine receptors in the body and can disrupt the endocrine system, pesticides, herbicides, the notorious glyphosate, and more.

So… Just how important is water to our health?

If one obvious inference could be made from the graphic above, it would be that water is intricately important to the overall health of an individual.

In fact, water in the human body is so intrinsic that it is the major component of body parts as suggested above. 

Water is needed by the brain for manufacturing hormones and neurotransmitters.

Water is used by the body to help regulate body temperature.

Water acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord.

Water is used to convert food to the necessary components needed for nutrients and water is the transport medium that is used to deliver those nutrients as well as oxygen to the cells.

Good clean water is more than just a luxury. It is a basic necessity for life.



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8 Responses

  1. There is no doubt how critical drinking water and often is to our health. However, as you stated, the quality of the water is very important. 

    I found it alarming how the water in many places may seem OK, but further testing showed that it contained harmful substances. 

    When we moved into our home, it was brand new. A reverse osmosis company marketed a system that we had installed. It was a rent-to-own agreement that in time we owned. However, when I discovered how much water was wasted in this process, I removed the system. 

    We live high up on the mountain and the pipe system was new when we moved in. Also, we can see the water purification plant from our home. When we had our water tested, it came out of higher quality than bottled water. I feel we are the exception rather than the rule and are fortunate to be in this position. 

    After reading your article I can see why it is justified to make sure the water we get from our pipes is purified before drinking and using it for cooking. 



    1. Absolutely Edwin, thank you so much for sharing your story. I know a lot of people that ended up with RO filters on their homes. Most people with reverse osmosis water consider their water to be “good” if it tests out with a low Total Dissolved Solid count (TDS). Unfortunately, if a water has a low TDS, generally speaking it is still acidic and oxidizing. Still, I am glad that you were able to get a majority of the junk out.

      Best Regards,

      – Ian

  2. It is really unfortunate that we have to consider so much when it comes to our biggest necessity: water. Even in modern first-world countries, you cannot simply trust the water supply to be safe. However, it’s helpful to know that there are people in the world who are paying attention to our water supplies and working towards reducing pollutants in order to make things safer. I personally contribute to a local “riverkeeper” who works towards keeping rivers safe and healthy.

    1. Absolutely Aly! Especially with the plastic problem being what it is! We like to show people how they can ditch that bottled water and avoid further contributing to environmental pollution. It is a major problem that affects us all. Thank you so much for weighing in on this topic.

      Best Regards,

      – Ian

  3. Water plays a major role in all the body components, indeed sad that in the 21st century still, most parts of the world don’t have access to clean water, even those who think bottled water is safe need to re-think as most of the water is contaminated one way or the other and it’s hard to realize, more tests should be made to enlighten the society on the dangers of contaminated water, water is life with contaminated water around think the future is uncertain.

  4. I must say that your main image is very alarming! I know that water is important but it really gets the message home and reading your article makes me never want to drink tap water again! I’m not sure about our water in the UK where I live, but I wouldn’t be surprised about anything in there. There was an article only this week about sea animals being found with traces of heart medicine so anything is possible. I guess the question is, who and what can we trust? I am also very mindful of many people in third world countries who don’t have access to any clearn water, so I appreciate my water a lot. 

    1. I do agree Gail, it is very alarming. What is more alarming is the stuff that we can’t see. Pharmaceuticals are a big part of that, but not all. Environmental pollution has run rampant since the industrial revolution and we are just now beginning to see the extent of the effects. I’ll be doing some articles providing solutions to various point-of-use issues soon.

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