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In a nutshell

Hey Affiliates! I’m just going to come out and ask. Do You Want to Earn More?

It’s true, we love Affiliate Marketing for the lifestyle and opportunity that it brings. But isn’t it frustrating that so many of the opportunities that we promote have such a miniscule payout? If you’ve ever set up an Amazon Affiliate account you know what I’m talking bout. The amount of sales traffic needed to make a decent profit is often daunting due to the amount of commission per sale.

Well, there is an answer, and it’s called high-ticket affiliate marketing.

So, if you’re like me and you enjoy the flexibility that Affiliate Marketing has to offer, but you also want to maximize the reward for your efforts, pay attention.


In the next few minutes I am going to show you something that can absolutely change your life!


No fluff. No gimmicks.

This business can be:
  • Tailored to fit any budget
  • Built at your own pace
  • Put on hold while you deal with life…
  • and started right back up without skipping a beat
  • Leveraged for team sales that continue to produce commissions even if you are on hiatus
  • Built completely online and globally
  • Built locally and in person
We’re talking about a business opportunity with:
  • No stocking of inventory
  • No annual renewal
  • No time limits
  • No monthly qualifications except for those in Leadership
  • Accumulative team sales
  • International sponsoring
  • High-Ticket Commissions
  • That pays daily
I am going to show you how to take FULL control over your business with a product unlike anything else you have ever seen!

I want you to consider something going forward.

What is a high-ticket sale for you?

Is it re-selling a training platform for a $25-$50 commission?

Or is it selling a real, certified product with a payout of hundreds to potentially thousands of dollars?

What if each sale had the opportunity to generate 1-10 more? Conservatively speaking.

Well, that my friend is what we call a game changer.

Chances are, even if you have been in the game for a while, you didn’t know this particular opportunity existed.

I’m talking about a 47 year old, debt-free company, that pays daily, with 40 physical offices in 23 countries and less than 1% market saturation globally.

A company that is actively looking for Affiliates like YOU to become Independent Distributors!

I am not going to show you mansions or Ferraris, because I am a simple guy from a working-class family, and the fact is that most of the people we see online advertising lifestyle are either A) lying, or B) the minority. But they’d have you believe that everyone online lives like Grant Cardone. Then you’ve got a ton of people who chase the odd niche’ and generate very little content so they are never able to make their side-hustle their Main Hustle. But there are the few individuals who actually manage to strike a balance and make a better-than-average living. Living wages vary greatly across the world’s population, but by this I mean 5 to 7 figures a year. I have found that with the right commission structure, one does not necessarily need to have a super-affiliate following to do quite well.

Now, I should say that as with anything, individual results may vary. Nothing in this blog post is intended to be an “income or lifestyle claim.” The internet is full of deceptive claims, and it is not my intention to swindle anybody. I am just going to give you the facts and the numbers.

I will run some basic numbers based on direct sales commission pay-outs, but first you will need to have an understanding of how you can leverage the company’s incredible compensation plan and who I am.

Aside from being the guy with the goofy blog about a Super Hero Water Droplet, my name is Ian. I live in Arkansas, and I own a neuro-physiotherapy consulting firm that services clients on multiple continents.

I now operate it completely from a laptop computer and I built it through experience that I gained from being a student at an Online University called Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of about 2.7 million people helping each other be successful online. Through this online education I learned that I could easily represent and sell other people’s products online, and without housing inventory. This revolutionized the way that I did business.

As a Consultant, I sell technology and train people to use it. I also function as a Product Distributor and actively build and manage teams of individuals who seek to follow a similar path as myself. Now, about how I came across the opportunity that I want to share with you today.

I first learned about this company in 2017 at a Chamber of Commerce social event near the Wal-Mart Home Office. I met a gentleman who has since become a dear friend. He introduced me to a rather obscure product, or so I thought. It is a state-of-the-art water purifier. Specifically, a medical grade, countertop water ionizer. 

At the time I had no idea that the water ionizer industry was making waves, so to speak, across the world.

But I’m here to tell you, these things are legit!

As an Affiliate Marketer, I have always taken the same approach that I do in any form of business. If I won’t refer it to my closest friend, I won’t refer it. And don’t get me wrong, Click Bank and JVZOO have their purpose, but I wanted a REAL product with a REAL company for my business to represent.

What I’ve found, is a product that appeals to individuals in any demographic, with product applications to suit every niche’! Using this website and marketing system to share these products has made managing and scaling my business a dream! If you decide to pursue this opportunity I will teach you how to do this as well. You have my full, personal support! I will show you the tools that I use, and try to give you a firm foundation to start with.

Every day, people are purchasing this life-changing product! They could be getting it from you!

Not only are they experiencing the tremendous health benefits, but they are also reaping great financial rewards with the company’s unprecedented compensation plan! For many individuals around the world, this is lifechanging income!

While the company does not have any professional celebrity endorsements, I think this speaks more highly to the quality of the product. People absolutely LOVE this water! Not to mention, that I have found over 62 uses for the waters produced by my machine. Aside from drinking, cooking, and cleaning, my ionizer makes a 2.5 pH Hypochlorous Acid Water that is great for disinfecting surfaces. We also get unlimited amounts of a strong basic 11.5 pH water that is able to wash oil-based pesticides off our produce! Did you know that there are 65 synthetic, oil-based, neuro-toxic pesticides on cherry tomatoes that you are probably not getting washed off? Neither did I…

This video (2m 14s) will discuss the first 6 levels of the company’s compensation plan and how it is leveraged for compounded results through team sales. 


Affiliate Marketers, we have the advantage of having knowledge of SEO and Marketing. We are able to build blogs and funnels, rank websites, direct traffic, capture leads, convert sales, and hopefully gain customers who like, know, and trust us. Since that is the ultimate goal, shouldn’t we be trying to offer them the very best?

What I love about the Enagic business model, is that many of my customers become part of my team since the company operates similar to a real estate brokerage. By extension, these people become my friends and I get to see them grow and develop as they transform their lives with this powerful water!

That is why I make the silly comics and blog CONSTANTLY about WATER!

Because in 2017 I made the decision to change my water, and it changed my life.

So, what does this look like for the average affiliate with a small following?

As you saw with the video above, the compensation plan is ridiculously powerful. You receive complete ROI in 9 sales.

I have created the following graphic to illustrate the commission structure within the company, and to explain rank advancement. Specifically, if an individual made every sale directly (ie: DIRECT METHOD).

Again, NOT AN INCOME CLAIM! Simple Math… I’m not saying that you’ll make this much money just for signing up. Like with any opportunity, inevitably your
success depends on how much effort and time you put into your business. 

According to the company’s compensation plan as outlined in the video above, for the first 101 direct sales, an individual would generate a TOTAL of $144,160.00 in Direct Sales Commissions (not including indirect sales).

This would not only generate income for the individual, but in effect it would open up 101 potential Independent Distributorships below the individual’s position. The individual can then earn compounded results off of indirect sales as long as they remain active with the company and as long as there are points available. This will also bring the individual to the rank of 6 Point Agent, which means that they now make $2,040.00 of every Direct Sale of a K8 machine. (based off the company’s payout structure according to the actual* point value commission for the direct sale of a K8 unit in US Dollars.)

Now obviously, this may seem like a very narrow niche’, but I have encountered these machines being used in greenhouses, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and homes. And I will say this for certain. When you narrow your focus in this manner, you become noticeable. You will position yourself differently when you have a product and business this powerful. For example, I’m not just an affiliate marketer, I’m a brand ambassador. My primary focus is my team, and my aim is to help them succeed in sharing this water with the world. I hope you’ll consider joining us on this mission.

You can learn more about the product and the opportunity through the links provided on this blog. 


 – Ian

The following video (9m 53s) is a complete product overview and demonstration.

Follow this (affiliate) link to learn more about the Business Opportunity.

Please keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you make a purchase through one of my links.

Nothing on this page is intended to suggest an income or lifestyle claim. Individual Distributor’s personal results may vary significantly and no income is promised or guaranteed.

To view the company’s income disclosure statement please follow the link below.

12 Responses

  1. I love it when you say what u won’t promote to friends, you won’t sell at all. This is one of the challenges with affiliate marketers. A lot of folks sell what they don’t know. Thank you for introducing the hydrogen water affiliate. It’s awesome promoting a high ticket product with high benefits. I also learned on wealthy affiliate, the platform is awesome.

    1. Absolutely! It’s the best way to be! I can’t encourage someone to buy something if I wouldn’t want myself or my family to own it, and I can’t really refer a product unless I know what it is like. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and I hope that you will consider promoting some of the high-ticket products that we have available. It is definitely easier to get started if you know how to use Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. I saw your website and read it’s contents. It is very interesting. Looks promising and it is something that I plan on trying in the near future. The compensation plan model is a bit confusing. There are lots of variables that one needs to know and understand in this business model. I do have a few questions-  what is the startup cost? Does this product offer a free trial? Who is the direct point of contact when I have questions?

    1. Hey Shivaram, thanks for your comment. I was a bit confused by the compensation plan at first too, but it is by far one of the best things I have come across. As far as start-up costs, you don’t necessarily have to own a machine to do the business but I think it is harder to sell something that you don’t want to own yourself. When someone get’s a machine thy get a business number with it. Machines can be owned for under $200/mo without a credit check or can be bought outright. The shop is accessible through the blog. There is a way to do a free trial. We offer a 2-week free trial of the water and the machines have a 30-day money back guarantee. I am the PoC if you have any questions. You can get in touch through the website or through Social Media. Thanks for your questions!

  3. Your opportunity is very interesting for people who are interested in selling technology. I agree that affiliate marketing is a great way to build a business at your own pace and on your own terms. Can your opportunity be taken by people abroad? Because I live in France, and I know that some programs are only applicable in USA & Canada.

    1. I thought it was very interesting as well, given that the offer is attached to a 47 year old, debt free company. The opportunity is global with international sales/sponsoring, and no geographical restrictions. The company has over 40 physical offices in 23 countries, so it was more attractive than some of the alternatives. I LOVE working with tis company! 6 years going strong! Thank you for your comment. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly!

  4. Affiliate marketing is indeed the best way to make money online and it is astonishing how many ways you can work around it. I can also say that the compensation plan of this looks a bit confusing at first. But after taking a second look I think I got the idea of how it goes. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your comment Stratos.

      I agree. There is a lot to absorb with the compensation plan. 

      It is patented, and I am very impressed to see what the company is willing to pay their Affiliates for their efforts.

  5. Hi Ian,

    That was a great Business Plan to combine a Real product(not Agency) with Affiliate Marketing. And you know the woes of any Affiliate Marketer quite well – keep generating tons of content with a miniscule payout.

    This is a brilliant idea. I am seriously considering to join forces with you – only think I write in a different niche.

    Anyways, the idea is good to have a real product to market. 

    Thanks for sharing this article.



    1. Thank you Rohit!

      I would love to have you on my team!

      Enagic has over 40 physical offices in 23 countries. So no matter where you are in the world, you can take part in this incredible business!

  6. This is one of the most exciting presentations I have seen relating to water and health.  We have a reverse osmosis system which I believe removes much of the contaminants in our water.  However, this Enagic devise has a variety of levels for different applications.  How and how often does one of these devices need to be maintained.  What is the life span?  I have watched the videos provided with this article.  They are impressive.  This article will be bookmarked as I do some other research.  Thanks for bringing this system and opportunity to my attention.

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      The machines have a life expectancy of 25+ years, based on the machines that have been in circulation for the past 49 years that Enagic has been in business. The maintenance is very simple. The machines have a self-cleaning function and we also run a small amount of citric acid through the devices once or twice a month and then flush with water. This keeps the medical grade platinum / titanium plates clean and functioning optimally. If you want more information on Electrolyzed Water and the health benefits associated with it, you may want to check out the research page on my main company website:

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